I am indeed honoured to welcome the great youths of Southern Ijaw local government area of Bayelsa State to this epoch making event of the international Youth day 2013. With the theme: Youth Migration, Moving development forward.
Your presence is an indication of your unwavering resolve to network, collaborate and partner with the restoration government led by the leader of the council area Chief Remember Ogbe in ensuring that we put the local government area on the path of progress and strategic development.
My heartfelt appreciation goes to the executive chairman of Southern Ijaw local government area Chief Remember Ogbe for making sure that this event becomes a reality, by giving the Youth extraction of the area, this unique opportunity of coming together to witness and participate in this global programme.
Our appreciation also goes to the supervisor for Youth and sports, the executive Assistant to the chairman for their tireless efforts towards the success of this programme, meanwhile our gratitude also goes to the guest lecturers who have honoured our invitation, to impact knowledge and share their experience with us.
The National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) was established in Lagos by an Act of parliament in August 1964, precisely 49 years ago. The council is the statutory umbrella body of youths in Nigeria, recognized by the Federal government of Nigeria as non political, non-regional and non ethnic council.
It embrace all Youth bodies as far as they are Nigerians, the councils is under the supervision of the Ministry of youth Development at the Federal, State and Local government levels.
Only Youth organizations registered with the government and affiliated to the council are recognized to work with the council at all levels.
Council basic aim is to serve as the link between the Youth Extraction and the government. One of the fundamental objectives of council is to study the various problems confronting the Nigerian Youths particular the Southern Ijaw youth community and find means to alleviate same.
The council is also the only representative of the state at the world Assembly of youths and the Pan African Youth Parliament.
The council structure exist in all the 774 LGA’s in Nigeria with the 774 LGA Executive chairmen as it patrons, 36 Governors as patrons at the state level and at the Federal level, the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria who serves as its grand patron.
At this juncture, Sir, may I inform us that in no distance time the council will be holding its LGA congress simultaneously across the 8 LGA’s with the Southern Ijaw local government area inclusive.

In 1998 a resolution proclaiming August 12th as international youth day, was adopted during the world conference of Ministers responsible for Youth development, that recommendation was later endorsed by the UN General Assembly in 1999.
International Youth day was first observed in the year 2000. The day is the best time to commemorate the power and strength of the youths all around the globe, its aim is to celebrate the contributions youth make in the society.
Young people have led the world in encouraging recycling and green lifestyles and the use of new technology like mobile phones, IPods and social networking sites like facebook.
Each year a theme is selected for the day and this year theme is “Youth Migration: Moving Development Forward”
The event is currently taking place at the UN headquarters in New York City, showing how youths in the world experience economic, environment and social life.
The council recognizes efforts made by the government and the United Nations. In adopting and effectively implementing the provisions of the world programme of Action for youths to the year 2000 and beyond, adopted by the General Assembly in 1996, the National Youth Policy document of Nigeria, and the Lisbon declaration on Youth Policies and programmes.
As a council we are highly concerned about the continued deterioration of the states of youths worldwide, who face growing levels of un-employment. Poverty, Armed conflict, epidemic disease such as HIV/AIDS, functional illiteracy and substance abuse among other social and economic challenges – despite global advances made in technologies, entrepreneurship development, leisure and recreational facilities.
Statistic have shown that over sixty million young people are reported to be un-employed throughout the globe, representing more than forty percent of global un-employment – this is quite alarming.
It is on this note, we call on government at all levels, civil society organization (CSO’s) to support young people in their endeavour to obtain the resources for extensive youth empowerment programmes.
However, council seizes this opportunity to appeal to the Southern Ijaw local government council for the provision of operational facilities to enable the NYCN central senatorial district to function maximally.
Council at this point, commends the Executive Chairman for his vision in awarding 22 key developmental projects that will better the lots of the people of the area.
Council urge all youths from the area to rally round the present administration under the able leadership of chief Remember P. N. Ogbe to deliver the dividends of democracy.
The chairman is an exemplary leader with strong conviction to restore the lost glory of the youth’s extraction and as such we owe him a duty as youths to abstain from pipeline vandalism, cultism, oil theft, violence and all forms of criminality. Therefore, it is imperative for us to give peace a chance, be law abiding and be patriotic to the state in order to attract foreign investment to the area.
I thank you for your kind attention and may God bless you all and grant you journey mercies to your respective destinations.
Build the Youths… Build the Nation… Build Bayelsa State.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria
Long live Bayelsa state
Long live Southern Ijaw local government area
Long Live the National Youth Council of Nigeria


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